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website premiere: May 2, 2005
updated on: August 13, 2007
Keeping students informed...
  • They call this disclosure? Is the KSA continuing to ignore the Supreme Court Order? (October 5, 2006): More details on how the Reduce All Fees - New Student Vision Party has continued to possibly fail to disclose the state of the KSA's finances (this page once included financial documents released to date by the KSA - but they were removed on October 10 as per an order of the CRO).

  • Kwantlen Students - 2nd Petition to the Supreme Court of British Columbia (September 28, 2006): Regarding the KSA's possible failure to live up to the Supreme Court Settlement Agreement of August 21, 2006.

  • Who is your KSA? (September 25, 2006): A "pdf" chart showing who was elected to the KSA, and who has come and gone since February 2006. Out of 23 people elected in January 2006, only 9 are still in the positions they were elected to, and 11 people elected are no longer around (this chart will eventually be converted into a more in-depth article).

  • Takhar says no to the local media? (September 24, 2006) Includes copy of an e-mail sent out by KSA Executive Advisor Aaron Takhar to all staff and Board Members of the KSA, telling everyone that only Danish Butt and Jamsheed Kahn are "authorized" to speak to the media - yet another action which could possibly be in violation of the August Supreme Court Order.

  • Is the KSA failing to live up to Supreme Court Order? (September 20, 2006): Details how the Reduce All Fees - New Student Vision Party has been releasing information related to the KSA's finances.

  • Student Lisa Coan ignored by KSA... (August 9, 2006): Details on student Lisa Coan's ongoing attempts to get information from members of the Reduce All Fees - New Student Vision Party who currently run the KSA.

  • Summer 2006 Referendum Information (July 30, 2006): Detailed information on how Kwantlen students almost lost their health & dental plan.

  • 2006 Impeachment Watch (July 15, 2006): The Reduce All Fees - New Student Vision Party has been working hard to undo the results of the January 2006 KSA General Election. This page presents the proof, based on what minutes and agendas have been posted online since they took office in February 2006.

  • Spring 2006 Douglas Student Union General Election (March 30, 2006): Just who does the Reduce All Fees - New Student Vision Party represent anyway? Includes information about the attempt by current KSA staff and elected officials to run and win seats on the Douglas College Students' Union's Board of Directors.

  • Tuition & Fees at Kwantlen: 1996 - 2006 (March 30, 2006): Track the history of tuition and other fees as charged to students by Kwantlen University College from 1996 - 2006. This page is a work in progress that will be updated regularly.

  • Revenue generating suggestion for Kwantlen Administration (March 27, 2006): Steve's suggestion as sent to Kwantlen administration for generating revnue -- by promoting Kwantlen to local production companies as a place to film shows, movies and commercials!

  • Protecting staff & elected officials (March 22, 2006): Information about the possible improper removal of elected officials, staff and members of the KSA, as well as remedies for how situations like this can be prevented.

  • Steve Lee lobbies Kwantlen Board not to raise KSA fees (March 19, 2006): Includes information about a letter and package sent to the Kwantlen Board of Governors and Administration asking them not to implement the increase to KSA fees that is under dispute and was supposedly approved in a referendum held by the KSA in January 2006.

  • New tuition hikes hit Kwantlen students (March 16, 2006): Includes complete information about the 2006-07 Kwantlen University College budget and tuition increases.

  • Two pay increases (March 14, 2006): Information about two pay increases that the Reduce All Fees - New Student Vision Party gave themselves over the last year as well as remedies for ensuring it doesn't happen again.

Read more about the what's new at the KSA in the Latest News: Archive Section.


To date, Steve Lee has submitted numerous complaints to the Omubdsperson.

Number of Reports SubmittedNumber of Reports CompletedNumber of Reports found against RAF

KSA in the News...

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KSA in the News

Find current and older articles about the KSA in the News from both on-campus and off-campus news sources!


These documents govern the activities of the KSA and articulate its positions on student issues.

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Documents of the KSA

View current and some older versions of the Constitution, Bylaws, Policies and Procedures as well as other documents such as Meeting Agendas & Minutes.


Complete information about the 2005 and 2006 KSA General Elections including the complete text of all complaints, appeals, reports and results. Also includes video footage of some allegations.

Spring 2007 By-Election

Fall 2006 Court Election

2006 General Election

2005 General Election

general meetings...

Complete information about the 2005 and 2006 KSA General Meetings including the complete text of all complaints, appeals and reports. Also includes video footage of some allegations.

2006 General Meetings

2005 General Meetings

important dates...

September 20, 2006: The nomination period for the court ordered fall 2006 general election opens.

September 29, 2006: KSA Board of Directors (Council) Meeting, Surrey Campus.


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